Great dreams never end.


Great dreams never end.

The return of PROMA

In the eighties top mufflers had only one name: Proma.

Proma mufflers were specifically designed for those riders who felt that 40 kilometers per hour were too limiting.

Today, Proma returns with KMI in a revival that looks broader to the future: Proma homologated mufflers that can be fitted exclusively to KYMCO vehicles.

The link between the two companies is very close, and it is testified by history. Just like the best success stories, Proma was born in a garage.

“It was 1976 when, thanks to the passion of my brother Franco, we started producing mufflers under the house,” says Stefano Gianotti, now KMI’s legal representative.

These distinctive-sounding mufflers that pushed “Ciao,” “Sì” and “Vespas” up to 60 or 70 kilometers per hour gained a cult following and popularity in a short time.

Everything that ran was Proma. A success certainly wished for but perhaps not even expected on this scope by the Gianotti brothers, they found themselves moving from the home garage to the undisputed leaders of the sector. They studied, tested and developed their products internally, first in the city, and then, from the early 1980s, in the Proma Center of Research and Development at their Mazzano plant, where KMI today has its beating heart.

The history of Proma continues into the Nineties, when the sector became progressively regulated. Due to enforced restrictions, the company began to change its skin. It was during this early period of the decade that the Gianotti brothers found an agreement with the Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer KYMCO, and, in 1991, they became official importers.

In the 2000s, Proma continued to create, thanks to the collaboration of external suppliers, products that are still requested by enthusiasts for the restoration of vintage models.

Now we celebrate the rapprochement which tastes like an homage to the origins.

“A tribute to the memory of my brother and to his intuitions by which Proma excellence is exclusively combined with KYMCO vehicle excellence,” concludes Stefano Gianotti, “we can celebrate the return of a great brand, which has been, is and still stands for quality and extremely high performance .”

KYMCO AK 550 MY2020
Proma Performance

AK550 MY 2020 Proma Performante version in collaboration with Franco Battaini is a world-class accessories kit for a top scooter!

Proma has developed and produced the performance accessory kit for AK 550 2020 version thanks to the special collaboration with Franco Battaini, renowned MotoGP rider and test rider.

A real trio of aces comprised of the special Proma “Limited Edition” exhaust terminal, the license plate holder and the aggressive-looking front windshield will enhance AK550’s sporting vocation to the highest levels.

The exhaust terminal, made of stainless steel and with a modern design, ensures an unparalleled lightness and optimizes fuel delivery across all ranges of use. Handmade by expert craftsmen, it combines today’s engineering skills with traditional manual work. It is also approved for use on roads open to traffic.

The smoked windshield, made in Italy, has a more sculpted and sporty profile than the original, which gives an additional touch of aggression to the powerful Taiwanese twin- cylinder.

Without altering the plate’s position and fixed angle, the lightweight plate holder is made of stainless steel and contributing to a lighter machine.

The AK 2020 Proma Performante kit muffler, windshield and license plate holder is already available from retailers at the price of € 499.00 including VAT, assembly excluded.

To celebrate the entry on the market of the new kit, Proma has created a graphic characterization of the AK550 2020 based on the new exclusive Dossena Gray color (the graphic customization is not currently on the market).

Franco Battaini

Franco Battaini made his debut in world competitions in 1996 and competed in 145 races, taking numerous podiums and some pole positions. Since the end of 2009, he has been official test rider of Ducati Team in MotoGP.

“It is a real pleasure to collaborate with Proma’s staff for the development of the AK 550, my 2020 kit. I had the opportunity to help to improve the performance of an already top-level scooter,” Franco tells us at the end of the collaboration.


Who more than Proma can enhance AK550’s sporting vocation? A formidable trio of axles with the special “limited edition” exhaust terminal, the super-light license plate holder and the aerodynamic windshield. Amazing performance and aggressive design makes the AK550 even more unique.


Racing terminal

Handmade in brushed stainless steel, 140 × 100 mm oval section with a thickness of 1 mm, conical coupling, carbon cap, integrated catalyst 300 cells, internal ceramic coating for high mechanical resistance and oxidation, Euro 4 emissions and sound level approved, characterized by a timeless design and the distinct PROMA sound.

Sports license plate holder

Exclusive trellis design in brushed stainless steel with a thickness of 3 mm, laser cut, immediate assembly, complete with reflector and designed for the use of the original license plate light.

Sports screen

Aerodynamic line, smoky gray, in “shockproof 45” plexiglass with a thickness of 3 mm, anti-vibration and KYMCO logo to give the AK550 an even more attractive look.

Great dreams never end..