Padana Sviluppo S.p.A.

The first fruits of Padana Sviluppo’s work were born in 1976 when the founder (Franco Gianotti) decided to undertake the production and marketing of PROMA exhaust units, intended for the best-selling mopeds on the market.

It was so successful that it led to the development in the 1980s of a wide range of aftermarket accessories and special parts for motorcycles of all types. But it was the 1990s that marked the turning point for the group: thanks to contact with KYMCO, the Group began distributing the products of the Taiwanese brand on the Italian market. In fact, starting from 1991, the Taiwanese brand KYMCO began to be imported and distributed in Italy for the first time, this step marks the turning point for the group and consecrates the definitive transformation of Padana Sviluppo from manufacturer to importer and distributor of two-wheeled vehicles motor.

Padana Development today

The Padana Sviluppo group currently has more than 50 employees and manages the importation and distribution of not only vehicles but also the spare parts needed for all brands through its own warehouses.

The organizational chart of Padana Sviluppo is very simple and divided into three companies: KMI, head of the KYMCO brand, VOGE Italia which, as the word itself suggests, deals with VOGE and Take Over which brings together LIFAN CFMOTO and YADEA under its control. The three companies together form a network of brands capable of working with almost 1000 dealers distributed throughout Italy and achieving a turnover of almost 100 million euros.

In order to guarantee maximum support to customers, Padana Sviluppo has equipped itself with a series of buildings and warehouses thanks to which it is able to manage the activities necessary for all five brands. The main building is located in via Alcide De Gasperi 17, a building of approximately 6100 m2 with a large external car park; the technical center where this meeting takes place is a newly built building with 3100 m2; the 20,000 m2 vehicle logistics hub)

The Technical Center of Padana Sviluppo, in which we are located and whose construction has just been completed, is a large structure of 3100 2 used for research and development, starting from the study of the main technical details of the various models and the search for solutions to arrive at the development of new technologies in order to improve characteristics and performance.

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Equally important the spare parts warehouse efficiency, expanding and increasingly automated, with 5.000 sqm of floor space (in expansion with another 3.000 m2), which an average of 35.000 orders every year for more than 60.000 parcels handled.

President and CEO

From 2002 to now Stefano Gianotti’s leader group.